Saturday, January 31, 2009

Making my little craft space....

Today I have been re-vamping my craft fair display, my goodies have changed so much over the years. when I started I had framed sculptures to hang, hence the criss crossframe at the back, I stopped doing these as they were not suitable for carting around here there & everywhere so I left them at home (some are still in Happy shed)
I cut out my fabric...a lovely soft velour in pale green, I was so pleased with it, it looks so fresh & clean!

So, I cut my fabric down to size to fit the table, it has to be floor length at the front & sides, I wanted it a decent length at the back too, so it didn't slip easily. Then I cut two smaller pieces, as I wanted two small "shelves" at the sides, I like to raise up some of my miniatures to near eye level, so as they are not too easily missed!!

Then I enlisted the help of Mr H, to cut down my "shelves" to the right size & to make some holes in the frame, so I can screw an old spice rack (rescued from my Mum & Dads garage.)
This is what I have got so far.....
So next part of the project is to paint/varnish/stain (haven't decided yet) the old shoe rack, also rescued from being thrown away, & the spice rack, oh & add solid base to the shoe rack shelves!

Now must get on with some miniatures.......

Todays happy thought: One today is worth two tomorrows.

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