Monday, January 12, 2009

Warming up...

Well I feel human again, the weather is back to it's typical British self, raining....which means I can't wear my new coat to school today, have to wear my old waterproof which is really bulky...I'm still going to wear my new hat though....but maybe I won't as it might get ruined.....I'm actually sitting here waiting for my camera to charge, as I want to take photos of my new miniatures to list on Etsy, I think I've done enough housework & I need to conserve my energy for the long walk to school, even longer now as Ruby walks with me, we have dispensed with the buggy as at three years old I think she should be out of it & walking, my older two were out of their buggies by age two, but to be fair, we lived in town & nowhere was more than a twenty minute walk lots of encouragment & treats are required at the moment as she feels like she is on a hike everyday. As for the weather, since when has a bit of frost & ice been considered Arctic? I know it's been very cold, but I can remember it being colder, I can even remember, as a child, seeing icicles hanging from houses (real ones, not christmas decorations!) I haven't seen that for a very long time, snow used to hang around longer as well, now when it snows, the children want to make a snowman, it's like...."quick, out..."if you hang about & eat your's all enough with the "Arctic"'s just winter!

Todays happy thought: If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!

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