Thursday, January 14, 2010

my little online dollshouse!

The reason i haven't done much over the last few weeks is because i have discovered a fab game on the internet via facebook called yoville!
Now I don't usually go for these sort of things, I ignored my friends constant requests to join for ages as I've usually got better things to do, but as it feeds my interest in all things mini & indulges my need to shop, (without costing me a penny) I became hooked!
The game is, you are given an apartment, you then work & play to earn coins, enabling you to furnish your apartment, buy clothes accesories etc, you visit your friends in their apartments too it is so much fun!

Obviously that's not all I've been doing, I do have my children of course, and the school Friends association, would you believe I have started the ball rolling already for the school fete......I have ordered lots of clay today as I have lots to make, now that all of my children are full time at school I will be able to dedicate a couple of whole days to creating in Happy shed.....or the dining table until the weather warms up!

Now valentines day, best get cracking!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New years resolutions!

Right this year I really really mean it......

1 Eat less ......yes I must, most important this one, this year I have had less will power after Christmas & still keep "finishing off" the last few dregs of goodies, I don't even enjoy them now it's not Christmas anymore, cos it just feels wrong!....and if I carry on at this rate I will be at least 25 stone by next Christmas!!

2 Drink more......water that is, I forget me & make sure the children have enough, when really I should have a glass at the same time!....going to get one now in fact!

....aaaah thats better, now where were we....oh yes number

3 spend less.....yes well, nuff said!

4 Sell more....I need to spend more time promoting my miniatures on Etsy & finding more outlets to sell.

5 Listen music, I really got out of the habit while the children were all small as we listened mainly to childrens stuff, wearing headphones were out of the question at any time in case I didn't hear them calling me, so now they are all at school, I can turn it up! (so long as I can still hear the phone in case school calls...hmmm)

6 Move more .....I will swim more, walk more & mmm might even get wii fit!

Best get on then....have lots to do!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold, cold cold...!

Ok I'll be honest, I really don't like January, I think it's depressing, there's nothing good happens in January! I like Christmas, where it belongs....the best thing about snow now is that schools closed & I get to keep my children here with me, in the warm.

Usually, at this time of year, I get some cleaning done, sort of "spring" cleaning of both house & shed & look forward to spring time.I usually get my creating mojo back...& make plans for my crafting year.....This year I plan to concentrate my efforts online, Etsy in particular, and create a new website that gathers all my web prescences together in one place, I have Etsy, facebook, twitter, deviantart, blogspot...I think thats it, no doubt there will be more to follow!
Towards the end of the year I have an exhibition at my local library, it will be called Itsy Britsy & it is a celebration of all of our British traditions & customs, work is already well underway but your ideas & suggestions will be welome.

best get on with promoting my miniature february goodies then, it's pancake day first, followed by valentines day, so get over to my Etsy shopand take a look!

Now, new years resolutions..........Hmm!