Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sorry there's such a gap in between posts, our half term was swallowed up by sickness, worry & a stay in Broomfield hospital, all is still not well in Happy house, sore throats & headaches, I think we need to make an extra effort to eat our 5 a day.

I managed to get some claying done (but not the ironing) I have got the Hylands house craft fair in a couple of weeks, & theres still lots to do, I still need to construct some sort of display stand, as my current arrangement isn't big enough, might have to concentrate on that for now and pack away the clay.......

Todays happy thought; Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing, is like clearing the path while it is still snowing!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cleaning not claying!

I'm catching up on some housework today, seeing as the weather is so nice & blowy, I thought I would get loads of washing done (tumble drier broken!), the children are poorly, & I gain 2 extra hours in the day when they're off school...so I thought, cleaning, then maybe we can snuggle up & watch a film or something(probably scooby doo)!

I've been getting back into my painting since we moved here, and I painted a picture for my sons room the other day, the Tardis of course, handy for making cards for his friends birthdays using the prints, I suppose I'll have to get to work on some Daleks & Cybermen now to complete the set.

anyway, back to work, washing to be put out, ironing to be done!!!!!

Todays happy thought; Only dull women have immaculate houses!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

half term countdown

I had an exciting delivery of clay yesterday, thought it would be held up in the post somewhere until the middle of next week, so I can get on with more minis today....We're looking forward to half term holidays already, only one week to go! the children are excited about seeing our cousins who are coming to visit from Liverpool, they can't wait!

Hello, to all the family & happy birthday to Mike, Sean & Auntie Jean!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cold misery!

I've had a bad cold, sore throat & earache for the last 2 days now, I feel horrible & don't feel like doing much, I feel hungry but don't feel like eating, so I thought I would sit quietly & redesign my brochure that I hand out at events.

a nice, easy job... if I can manage complicated polymer clay techniques, this will be a piece of cake! I thought as I loaded in the new software to make it even easier, how wrong could I be....2 days in & I still haven't got to the point where I can print it out:(
I just fit one page in nicely, just how I want it, then notice that it has shoved the last page into oblivion, I cant even find the text & the pictures refuse to go back to where I put them!

think I will wait until I am feeling better x

todays happy thought; All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!”

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rain stops clay :(

Rain stopped clay today, couldn't spend any time
in Happy shed today, so my new improved bakery stall remains abandoned & unfinished, as does my fish stall & loads of other stuff!!

I can only work in short bursts as my first , most important job is a mum, so as my claying takes place down at the bottom of the garden, Ruby likes being creative in there too, so when it rains, as much as it did today, creating all that mud, it's not much fun!

I have some workshops to prepare for so I can get on with those until the clouds clear....

Todays happy thought; God made rainy days so gardeners could get their housework done

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy baking day!

Hello, I had a busy baking day yesterday, I was restocking my mini bakery stall, & once I had made a few sliced, unsliced loaves & got a bit bored after 2 french sticks, I thought I would have a go at some pitta breads.
I think I was inspired my our freezer, which, mainly due to my only activities last week being walking to & from school, making cards & playing with clay was empty except for one lonely pitta bread!

now you would think that upon discovering this, my first thought would be, oops I had better get myself down to tesco sharpish, but no it was....wow I have just thought how I can make wicked mini pitta breads!!!! so off I went down to Happy shed (because our house is called Happy house) to begin.....I got so carried away that I nearly forgot that I had to make my daughters hair like Gabriellas (high school musical) before we went to tea at Grandmas!

I made loads of them, and now I can fill some of them too, might need to open a sandwich bar alongside my market stalls!!!!! anyway, back to the shed, can feel an idea coming on for pizza, & I suppose Tesco beckons too!

Todays Happy thought: Creative minds are never tidy(or remember to do the shopping!)