Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cleaning not claying!

I'm catching up on some housework today, seeing as the weather is so nice & blowy, I thought I would get loads of washing done (tumble drier broken!), the children are poorly, & I gain 2 extra hours in the day when they're off I thought, cleaning, then maybe we can snuggle up & watch a film or something(probably scooby doo)!

I've been getting back into my painting since we moved here, and I painted a picture for my sons room the other day, the Tardis of course, handy for making cards for his friends birthdays using the prints, I suppose I'll have to get to work on some Daleks & Cybermen now to complete the set.

anyway, back to work, washing to be put out, ironing to be done!!!!!

Todays happy thought; Only dull women have immaculate houses!

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