Friday, August 31, 2007

Hopefully now, I have secured at least one exhibition for next year at the civic theatre in Chelmsford, I love the planning & setting up exhibitions any ideas of what you think would make a scene in miniature would be welcome!

I have my market stalls , Bridalwear, celebration cakes stuff includes magical miniatures, treasure chests, scented stuff...but I need more ideas!!!

Summer hols nearly over .....we all went to Walton -on -the -naze the other day, it was really good, things weren't too crowded & overpriced, the children went on loads of rides (I went on one that was very fast & screamed, much to the amusement of my eldest daughter) & we will definitely go there a lot more. It doesn't feel like we have done much, the summer has gone so fast, the children & I have enjoyed our new garden, done some painting on paper , T-shirts & cushions, time to sort school stuff out now, I expect the weather will brighten up now too!

Monday, August 27, 2007

sewing accomplishments

hello, would have liked to have added new post sooner but have had a whopper of a headache all week! probably all that close work, I have been claying, sewing & working on the website...heres my finished cushion cover.
I have also been working on some miniatures to put on ebay as well, wedding dresses, grapes (fiddly),plums, broomsticks and loads more. This awful weather also started me thinking about christmas stuff as well, but now that the sun come out I have put that out of my head for the time being, still it gave me a head start!
Todays happy thought-You're not old,just young with lots of experience!

Monday, August 13, 2007

first go

Hello, I decided today I was going to share my thoughts & ideas (as I seem to have so many) so I took some time out of my heavy school summer holiday schedule, children were occupied so here I am!
This summer, I thought it was about time I put my craft skills to good use, so I have been teaching myself how to use a sewing machine(believe me, I needed teaching)as artistic as I am in most areas I have never even been able to sew a button on straight....after a few feeble efforts and fights with the machine, I have managed to produce a cushion cover I am proud of, I will take some photos tomorrow(bet you can't wait!) As far as my claying goes (my only addiction) I need to come up with a theme for an exhibition, have lately been creating miniature Harry Potter inspired bits & pieces, that might be an idea, anyway , back soon x

Todays Happy thought;-If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!