Thursday, July 23, 2009

sew cross :(

I made my youngest daughter a gorgeous little pink gingham shorts & top set the other day, I did this in one day & it wasn't too hard, so I thought...right, I'm on a roll now will squeeze one in for eldest daughter before the end of the next day, so off we went to choose fabric, a lovely pale yellow with a subtle silver thread running throuh it!

I cut it all out fairly quickly, pinned it al together, even tacked the sleeves on just to make sure all was well....lovely I thought, let's get it stitched together before tea, then I can clear up & get the table set..I thought feeling all pleased with myself that I can now just whip up a top, just like that!

Then I looked closely...lovely though the fabric is, it's really hard to tell the difference between the right & wrong side, I had put the sleeves on inside out :(...worse still, the fabric is too delicate to unpick, so now that top is wasted, I will try, when I have calmed down a bit, & stopped being annoyed,attempt to cut out a top for my little one from it, & go & get some more fabric for the larger project...but right now I have got the hump with it & all the sewing stuff is in the corner in disgrace!

Todays happy thought: If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

End of term ♥

At last, the summer hols have started, nearly six weeks of not watching the clock all day, the children not having to go out & fewer lunches to make at six thirty in the morning!

The last week however was hectic as usual, we made fudge for a couple of the teachers, (there was some left over for us...delicious it was too!) biscuits for one & I had my ice cream cone order to finish......I also made an interesting purchase from a charity shop, but more about that next time!
Todays happy thought;- The best thing about being a teacher is July & August

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello Summer!

Hello, just a quick update as I am about to go & watch Top gear! I am back down on planet earth after seeing Take That last week & accept now that reality is kicking in & life as we know it will continue without them!...there now I have been busy with an order for a customer in Italy who has a miniature Ice cream shop, this has led to many ice cream related to follow, haven't had chance to take them yet!

Here are some pics of my barbeque goodies that I have been creating....a homemade barbeque for the credit crunch hit dolls house family, they found an old tin bath in the shed & transformed it & were soon sizzling sausages on there, I also made rolls for the hot dogs & burgers, find them all on Etsy!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Take That ♪♫♫♪

I am very tired this week as I have been to see Take That at Wembley on Wednesday, only just had the energy to post as I haven't danced that much for a very long time, they were of course was a real treat as they launched more or less straight into the oldies that we haven't seen them perform for, oh

about 15 that makes me feel really old,

but on wednesday, I felt 22 again!
We were really high up, so high, some poeple were so scared they were refusing to climb any higher, they soon forgot their vertigo though when Take That came on & despite the small space available around their seats, remembered all the old dance routines!

Back then, when I had more money & no responsibilities other than myself & thought nothing of driving into London & getting home at three thirty in the morning, (I didn't used to have to get up at six am to make family sandwiches & get them off to school!) we used to go more than once, & get much closer, but now (what with touts buying all the tickets to sell on ebay within five minutes, ) I am lucky that I can get tickets at all & very grateful that I did, I have to be content with going just the once & soaking up the atmosphere, & having the time of my life....roll on next tour, Take That are the best ♪♫♫♪