Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring has sprung....(well nearly)

Good morning, I feel very spring like today, weather is lovely, sky is blue & it's not so dark in the mornings! hooray!! It is supposed to be the last day of the pancake giveaway today, but my craft meeting tonight has been cancelled (winner was going to be decided at said meeting) so I thought I would extend it & call an emergency meeting of fellow crafters next friday to decide the winner-besides I could do with a few more entries-I know there are plenty more valuable life lessons out there for me to learn!

They can be deep & meaningful like this one- It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

or not so, like this emailed entry- Don't snog ugly blokes!

So come on, lets have some more.........

I really must get on with some more tables, have got a week until the school fair & two weeks until the Guild show & I have to finish off my table display space!-gotta go!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bathroom blues....

We did it, the tiling on the removeable wall, I think they look good, we do have a wonky tile at the bottom (adds character) , & no they're not perfect, & I need to paint the edges, but I think it's very effective-more so than sticking a piece of paper to the wall. They were easy to make too, if you have a pasta machine for your claywork, it would be much harder to get the thickness right if you were going to roll them out by hand!

I will post a how to make tiles soon & show you how simple it is!

Now she wants floor tiles!

Don't forget the giveaway!!

Todays happy thought: Shin: a device for finding furniture in the dark.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brain strain....

This week has been , well, more than a bit of a pain...I have had a migraine on & off all week, the car needs repair again & the tickets I have for the west end matinee, are not for the matinee but for the evening, so I have to take the children out really late in the middle of London AAAAAAAAAGH.
So I really need to take a chill pill & relax, let's face it the stress stuff won't do my headache any good, so I'm not going to stress anymore.....will put these things out of my head until I need to deal with them.....miniatures, that's what I need to do-let's get the clay out...

I finished off my childs birthday table, I have also done the 21st birthday table but not sure how to finish it off, I need more drinks on it I know that, waiting to buy more glasses so I can make beers, not sure about the flowers either, might replace them with wrapped presents!

I found some more miniatures blogs today, haven't been able to find any with searches, so I am following some, might get a chance to read them all later!

I still need entries for the pancake giveaway-you need to let me know of a lesson you have learned from life-however small, I want to know about it, just leave a comment to enter!

Todays happy thought: It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The dolls house.

Well, today my daughter & I have single handedly decorated the lounge & kitchen after moving out the furniture to the loft, by ourselves....! Ok so it's the dolls house, not our real house, & she's really pleased with the result, as you can see, the light isn't fixed properly yet though, I am waiting for the ceiling to dry!.

It was decided that it would be a modern house, as then there are no restrictions to types of furniture, she is very particular about what it is going to look like, we made some bathroom tiles today too, she knew exactly what colours were going to be used I am always amazed by her artistic eye at such a young age! We decided to start with the dividing wall that can be removed from the house still, for obvious reasons & I am waiting for the dolls house grout to arrive that I got on ebay, hopefully this will be easy to use!!

Will keep you posted as the bathroom progresses!

Todays happy thought:Children need your presence, not your presents!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good evening!

Just a quick post, here's a funny card I got for my birthday...

Got to go, minis to make x

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's my birthday!

Well, another year older already & lots of creating to be done, have nearly finished my two party tables & have loads to get on with, half term now, so might get some work done!

Have had loads of party food, stacks of sandwiches, trifle & cake, so feeling a bit sleepy & full, will have to walk miles tomorrow to shed some calories!!!!

To the right is my miniature sandwich making!........I have to make them as I would real ones or the don't look right!

back tomorrow xx

Todays happy thought (or not so) : You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake!

Friday, February 13, 2009

February giveaway!

As it's my birthday this weekend I thought now was a good time to hold another giveaway!

Pancake day soon, so I'm going to give away this little stack of pancakes, drizzled with syrup to celebrate, I love pancakes, & so do the little people in the dolls house, if you don't have a dolls house, you could give this to a pancake fiend you know, or keep it for yourself (you might be inspired to get a dolls house & start a whole new addiction!!!

To enter, visit my Etsy shop tell me what your favourite goody is in there, then I want to hear what life lesson you have learned on your journey through life!!

You have until Friday 27th February, the life lesson we (my fellow crafters here in little old Bocking ) think is the best will win the pancake!!

Good luck!

I have been creating a Facebook fan page for my craft on facebook, if you want to "become a fan" it would be most appreciated! find it by searching Itsy Bitsy Art by Sam!

Todays happy thought; Spring is natures way of saying "let's party"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Footprints & party time!!

Well, all this snow revealed that we have yet another visitor to happy house, a nocturnal one this time, investigations (we googled it) lead us to believe that it is a badger....what do you think?
I'm so fed up with it now, the weather that is, now we're having flooding!...Not right where I am fortunately, we have been forced to abandon walking to school for the time being as our council don't see fit to make the footpaths safe for pedestrians & parts of them are like mini ice rinks!

That's enough moaning for the day, I'm going to have to have a lie down in a minute a I have got the most awful headache, I've had it all night, but didn't have any painkillers in :(, thought I'd just quickly post to show you that I haven't been slacking in the miniature making, I have been creating a childrens birthday party table & a 21st party table!, here's a sneaky preview....

While I have a lay down, I'm going to think of an idea for a giveaway....pancakes I think!
Todays happy thought-Will think of one later-head hurts too much!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trolley & trifles!

Yesterday my shopping trolley arrived. I decided to get a shopping trolley as I no longer push a buggy on our walks to school & into town, so carrying shopping home is back breaking, especially as I'm holding on to my three year old at the same time!

So, it arrived, it's quite a trendy black with slices of fruit on it, my son says I will look like an old lady, (this worried me as I'm only in my thirties but he is only winding me up!) but I figure I will look older before my time if I do my back in carrying heavy shopping & I'm looking after the planet by still walking when I have to get a few basics on the way through town....& hey, won't it be useful at craft fairs!

I have been getting on with my minis, I was pleased with my trifles, although I would like to make more using deeper bowls, as I could oly get a thin layer of cream topping on them, I have just got to source some!

I have also made muffins & swiss roll, jellies, thought I would make some party tables, childrens & twenty firsts, I am waiting for my tables to arrive.......

I haven't done anything more to my craft display, will wait for better weather, only going down to the shed if necessary, will get that done soon!

Don't forget it's valentines day soon, here's my credit crunch bunch ( 6 not 12 ) of roses for the little lady in the dolls house!

Credit crunch bunch on Etsy

Todays happy thought: Love one another and you will be happy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Narnia in the garden....

How come when it snows it makes everything look magical outside, when we stepped out into the garden yesterday, my little boy said "Wow it looks like Narnia!"....and yes I have to say, it looked a bit like we are in a clearing in the middle of a fairytale forest, even my little Happy shed looked magical.

We had a good day yesterday, school was shut & we went sledding. School should have stayed shut today as well as far as I'm concerned, pretty as it looks, our road was like a great big slide onto the main road, so we walked rather than risk it, the footpaths were deadly and after an hour of careful trudging & witnessing several people slip over, my son fell hard on the ice, & ended up coming home again!

Not risking it tomorrow if weather no better!

I have always liked the snow, .....when I'm in the warmth of my own home & I don't need to venture out. As we don't get this type of weather often & it doesn't last when we do, I think everyone should be allowed to stay at home, guilt free, play with their children & enjoy it while they can-if we all did that, this country wouldn't grind to a halt at the first flurry.......!

Anyway, I'm planning my next giveaway, think it might be pancake themed, Mmmmmmmm.

Todays happy thought: Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, during which they complained about the heat.