Thursday, February 19, 2009

The dolls house.

Well, today my daughter & I have single handedly decorated the lounge & kitchen after moving out the furniture to the loft, by ourselves....! Ok so it's the dolls house, not our real house, & she's really pleased with the result, as you can see, the light isn't fixed properly yet though, I am waiting for the ceiling to dry!.

It was decided that it would be a modern house, as then there are no restrictions to types of furniture, she is very particular about what it is going to look like, we made some bathroom tiles today too, she knew exactly what colours were going to be used I am always amazed by her artistic eye at such a young age! We decided to start with the dividing wall that can be removed from the house still, for obvious reasons & I am waiting for the dolls house grout to arrive that I got on ebay, hopefully this will be easy to use!!

Will keep you posted as the bathroom progresses!

Todays happy thought:Children need your presence, not your presents!


Brenda said...

Hi Sam, the house is looking very nice. What a spacious living room!

I make my minis the same way - in "10 minute bursts".

Debbie said...

The Lounge looks wonderful.
Lovely colours for the tiles as well.