Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baileys Mmmmmm

I keep being asked for this by my friends, & I keep forgetting to copy it out, so I thought I would post it & thats done!

This Baileys recipe is far nicer than the bought stuff & much cheaper, if you keep it in the fridge, it turns into mousse!

This recipe makes 2 pints, so it's to SHARE!

1 tin condensed milk (14oz)
Small carton single cream
3 beaten eggs
1 mug of whisky
3 tablespoons camp coffee.

put milk into jug, stir in coffee & whisky, beat eggs well & tip in, then stir (not beat) cream in lightly.

ready to enjoy immediately! you can also use it as a sauce over ice cream (Adults only though obviously!)

At last!!

I'm here again...finally I have got round to posting again, although there's other things I should be doing, but never mind!

while I had no computer I learned how to make basic clothes, this came about after I madde a viking costume for my daughter for school & was amazed it was still in one piece when she came home, so I thought I'd give proper clothes a go! I was really pleased with the result & so was she, I used some lovely red fabric which my Aunt brought back from Nepal & it looks lovely on her, so I have to make about another 150 in different colours now as it's comfy!