Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wheres July!

Hello, I can't believe that it's August tomorrow, where's the summer going! We had a lovely few hours at Hatfield forest yesterday, I forgot the camera though, so no photos! I think we'll be going back though!

then I came back & did some speed ironing, this is not to be confused with manic ironing which I often do...manic ironing involves getting out the ironing board & the iron & ironing as quick as possible until the pile of unironed washing is transformed into a big pile of lovely flat, crease free ironed stuff!!

Speed ironing, is just cheating really, sorting through it, deciding what you can get away with just folding & putting away & not perhaps I should just call it, not I did some not ironing yesterday! (do you think the sun has got to me a bit??)
Fairy balloon Blue balloon Fairy balloon

Anyway, I made some miniature balloons for a caketopper I'm just finishing, & I was taking some photos of them & I thought they just looked like little lost fairy balloons stuck in the tree!!

Todays happy thought: Evertime I say the excercise word, I have to wash my mouth out with chocolate!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Bocking windmill
I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of where I live, a little village called Bocking. Nothing much happens, but thats how we like it! We went for a walk the other day as I wanted to take some photos across the fields, as I thought it looked so lovely....
So there it is, might be bit boring here if you don't like the quiet life, but it's better than looking at traffic & buildings anyday!
Anyway, I had a headache this afternoon, which I now think is down to lack of drink (not withdrawal from alchahol , have I spelt that correctly? doesn't look right understand, I mean not drinking enough water!)we went swimming & I thought I would swim 20 lengths to shake off the headache, get home & felt soooooooo sick! serves me right for thinking I could ignore it!!
best go, early (ish) night, caketopper to make tomorrow!!!!!

Todays happy thought:-A good teacher teaches from the heart, not from a book

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cookies & hobnobs!

Homemade cookies
I got up yesterday morning & had a bit of an urge to bake some cookies, as there was no biscuits in the tin & there hasn't been for ages, so I thought we'd have a treat & I love making biscuits so there I was, 6 o clock in the morning, up to my elbows in cookie dough! This is my favourite cookie recipe:
2oz caster sugar
4oz butter or marg(butter definitely better)
6oz plain flour
chocolate bits of your choice, I prefer cadburys.

just mix together sugar, butter & flour, break of into balls, flatten onto greased baking tray, press in chocolate pieces & bake at 160/350 for about 20 mins....yumHobnobs
Then later in the day I thought that the 12 cookies I had made probably wouldn't last that long (you could make more but smaller ones!)so I looked up some recipes on google & found a scrummy looking recipe for Hobnobs! If I can find it again I will mention where it came from, but I can't remember right now & couldn't find it when I tried to before!!!!

8oz flour (plain)
8oz oats
8oz butter
3oz brown sugar

Beat sugar & butter together, mix in oats & flour, roll out to 1/4 inch thick & cut out with cutter or tumbler.
bake on greased baking tray at 160/350 for about 30 mins....again, yum!just had a thought, chocolate hobnobs...add a few choc chips to these too mmmmmm

I did get some housework done too, I didn't spend all day having fun!!

Todays happy thought; I never met a chocolate I didn't like!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We have just come back from a lovely few days in Liverpool,I haven't been back for ages & I love going back. We went on the ferry (& yes they play the song as the trip starts! although they didn't used to when I used to go on it when I was little!) across to the Dr Who exhibition at Spaceport, that was excellent, had lots of family time, out for a chinese & to the beach, all to celebrate Mums birthday, .....not all on the same day though!!

We found a few Superlambananas, but we didn't have time to look for them all, find out what they are on

On the ferry across the Mersey

Friday, July 11, 2008

Daisies in our garden

Our garden's looking pretty now, the strawberries have finished, but theres still rasberries & lots of colour, I'm going to use more of the inspiration I get from the garden in my miniature making, why shouldn't dolls houses have beautiful outsides too!
I have already started making mini versions of the lovely homemade cooking we get at home (from my husband, I make wicked cookies though!)gooseberry & almond tarts, blackberry & apple crumble, (thats mine too!) & jam!

Feeling hungry now, must be lunchtime!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I found this yesterday, it's really cool, the idea is to get everyone to buy handmade gifts rather than mass produced ones.

If you buy someone something that is handmade,it shows you care enough to put some thought into their gift, gifts made by hand are made with love & you get a real quality gift, probably for less money!

So buy Handmade!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Too time....

Yes I know, I'm supposed to do this more often, but what can I do, I have had most of my computering time taken up with, well lets just say I thought I had finished dealing with a certain type of person a long time ago!

......Moving on, I have been making mini gardening stuff, for my greenhouse, more of the ever popular peeled bananas & learning how to make clothes for the children, think I'm getting the hang of it now, although I had to work things out for myself before I could understand the pattern, (which was by the way for Dummies, but don't tell anyone!) Mr H is getting a bit concerned that I can now make shorts & I have rather a lot of Winnie the pooh fabric left!

Anyway, will be back in a bit, pizzas are cooking, (real not miniature)

Todays happy thought; If they managed to send one man to the moon, why didn't they send them all?