Saturday, July 5, 2008

Too time....

Yes I know, I'm supposed to do this more often, but what can I do, I have had most of my computering time taken up with, well lets just say I thought I had finished dealing with a certain type of person a long time ago!

......Moving on, I have been making mini gardening stuff, for my greenhouse, more of the ever popular peeled bananas & learning how to make clothes for the children, think I'm getting the hang of it now, although I had to work things out for myself before I could understand the pattern, (which was by the way for Dummies, but don't tell anyone!) Mr H is getting a bit concerned that I can now make shorts & I have rather a lot of Winnie the pooh fabric left!

Anyway, will be back in a bit, pizzas are cooking, (real not miniature)

Todays happy thought; If they managed to send one man to the moon, why didn't they send them all?

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