Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cookies & hobnobs!

Homemade cookies
I got up yesterday morning & had a bit of an urge to bake some cookies, as there was no biscuits in the tin & there hasn't been for ages, so I thought we'd have a treat & I love making biscuits so there I was, 6 o clock in the morning, up to my elbows in cookie dough! This is my favourite cookie recipe:
2oz caster sugar
4oz butter or marg(butter definitely better)
6oz plain flour
chocolate bits of your choice, I prefer cadburys.

just mix together sugar, butter & flour, break of into balls, flatten onto greased baking tray, press in chocolate pieces & bake at 160/350 for about 20 mins....yumHobnobs
Then later in the day I thought that the 12 cookies I had made probably wouldn't last that long (you could make more but smaller ones!)so I looked up some recipes on google & found a scrummy looking recipe for Hobnobs! If I can find it again I will mention where it came from, but I can't remember right now & couldn't find it when I tried to before!!!!

8oz flour (plain)
8oz oats
8oz butter
3oz brown sugar

Beat sugar & butter together, mix in oats & flour, roll out to 1/4 inch thick & cut out with cutter or tumbler.
bake on greased baking tray at 160/350 for about 30 mins....again, yum!just had a thought, chocolate hobnobs...add a few choc chips to these too mmmmmm

I did get some housework done too, I didn't spend all day having fun!!

Todays happy thought; I never met a chocolate I didn't like!

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