Friday, July 25, 2008


Bocking windmill
I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of where I live, a little village called Bocking. Nothing much happens, but thats how we like it! We went for a walk the other day as I wanted to take some photos across the fields, as I thought it looked so lovely....
So there it is, might be bit boring here if you don't like the quiet life, but it's better than looking at traffic & buildings anyday!
Anyway, I had a headache this afternoon, which I now think is down to lack of drink (not withdrawal from alchahol , have I spelt that correctly? doesn't look right understand, I mean not drinking enough water!)we went swimming & I thought I would swim 20 lengths to shake off the headache, get home & felt soooooooo sick! serves me right for thinking I could ignore it!!
best go, early (ish) night, caketopper to make tomorrow!!!!!

Todays happy thought:-A good teacher teaches from the heart, not from a book

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