Tuesday, January 29, 2008


last weeks workshop went very well, I think all the ladies really enjoyed it, I was really nervous, but as it happens, I didn't need to stand there & talk as we wouldn't have finished claying until really late!

Todays happy thought;Chocolate makes my clothes shrink! :(

Monday, January 21, 2008

hot cross buns!

I decided that for tonights workshop, we will make hot cross buns! from the supermarket, I am so nervous, it is my first adult workshop, but I know once i get going I will be in my element, I mean I'm going to be claying & talking about claying, so can't be bad! I'm very organised (makes a change).

Our Muntjac was back over the weekend, I'm certain he was sleeping all saturday morning, behind happy shed, as he came out for breakfast at about 8ish, disappeared behind the shed, & then came back out at about 11 o clock, getting a bit brave I think, perhaps he needs reminding whose garden this is!

I have booked Hylands house Guild craft fair for March 8th & 9th this year, looking forward to that, will get to work on Mothers day, fathers day & easter presents!

Todays happy thoughts (see I remembered!) ; Cleaning your house while the children are growing is like shovelling snow while it is still snowing!

you miss 100 % of the shots you don't take!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Visitor in the garden

Well, I was well pleased that I had got up early enough to get to sainsburys early enough to beat the rush ! (if you can call it a rush in Braintree) & just as I was about to leave,..... well I saw it in the garden!

Now I have got used to the squirrells, frogs, mice & even snakes over our first year here in happy house, but I was not prepared for a muntjac, jus wandering around poking its head in the greenery, it even looked right at us humans staring at it, 3 little noses pressed up against the glass in amazement! (that was the 3 children by the way) they loved it, we saw some of these at Centre Parcs last year, so they were well impressed!
no happy thought today, got to get children ready for bed, will do 2 next post!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't stop me now!!!!!

Hello, well so you know, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and now Mr H says he is looking forward to seeing bits of thread all over the floor & table now, instead of bits of clay & card (which might have happened once by the way!)

he is much tidier, no, I might as well say, he is a tidy person, I am not!!!

So, now there'll be no stopping me, I'll be making curtains, cushions, peg bags & so on, the house will be bursting with soft furnishings!...I have already made my little girl a cosy toes (pink of course) that will fit, to keep her little toes warm on our long walks to school!

I have got a workshop booked in a couple of weeks time, & I'm still wondering what to do, it is a group of adults, so it can't be anything too easy, but I only have a couple of hours so it can't be anything too difficult! I'm thinking hot cross buns, but I might pre-mix the clay & take it in ready to use little bags.

anyway my youngest informs me she wants to play a game on the "pooter" now, so I'm not going to get anything else done for a bit, back later!

Todays happy thought;-Creative minds are never tidy

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy new year!

Hi, sorry its took me so long to post again, but I hardly had time to check emails over Christmas let alone anything else!

The theatre exhibition was ok, didn't sell loads, but I really enjoy setting out all my miniatures for display.

I made lots of family presents this year, favourite meals in miniature, they went down very well, I have pictured a couple here.....anyway, we're off to lunch at my mums now...I have spent all morning finishing off a load of ebay listings, which I am goiong to keep on top of this year (suppose it's a sort of resolution)
Todays happy thought: Smile, you never know who's watching!