Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't stop me now!!!!!

Hello, well so you know, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and now Mr H says he is looking forward to seeing bits of thread all over the floor & table now, instead of bits of clay & card (which might have happened once by the way!)

he is much tidier, no, I might as well say, he is a tidy person, I am not!!!

So, now there'll be no stopping me, I'll be making curtains, cushions, peg bags & so on, the house will be bursting with soft furnishings!...I have already made my little girl a cosy toes (pink of course) that will fit, to keep her little toes warm on our long walks to school!

I have got a workshop booked in a couple of weeks time, & I'm still wondering what to do, it is a group of adults, so it can't be anything too easy, but I only have a couple of hours so it can't be anything too difficult! I'm thinking hot cross buns, but I might pre-mix the clay & take it in ready to use little bags.

anyway my youngest informs me she wants to play a game on the "pooter" now, so I'm not going to get anything else done for a bit, back later!

Todays happy thought;-Creative minds are never tidy

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