Sunday, January 13, 2008

Visitor in the garden

Well, I was well pleased that I had got up early enough to get to sainsburys early enough to beat the rush ! (if you can call it a rush in Braintree) & just as I was about to leave,..... well I saw it in the garden!

Now I have got used to the squirrells, frogs, mice & even snakes over our first year here in happy house, but I was not prepared for a muntjac, jus wandering around poking its head in the greenery, it even looked right at us humans staring at it, 3 little noses pressed up against the glass in amazement! (that was the 3 children by the way) they loved it, we saw some of these at Centre Parcs last year, so they were well impressed!
no happy thought today, got to get children ready for bed, will do 2 next post!!!

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