Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Narnia in the garden....

How come when it snows it makes everything look magical outside, when we stepped out into the garden yesterday, my little boy said "Wow it looks like Narnia!"....and yes I have to say, it looked a bit like we are in a clearing in the middle of a fairytale forest, even my little Happy shed looked magical.

We had a good day yesterday, school was shut & we went sledding. School should have stayed shut today as well as far as I'm concerned, pretty as it looks, our road was like a great big slide onto the main road, so we walked rather than risk it, the footpaths were deadly and after an hour of careful trudging & witnessing several people slip over, my son fell hard on the ice, & ended up coming home again!

Not risking it tomorrow if weather no better!

I have always liked the snow, .....when I'm in the warmth of my own home & I don't need to venture out. As we don't get this type of weather often & it doesn't last when we do, I think everyone should be allowed to stay at home, guilt free, play with their children & enjoy it while they can-if we all did that, this country wouldn't grind to a halt at the first flurry.......!

Anyway, I'm planning my next giveaway, think it might be pancake themed, Mmmmmmmm.

Todays happy thought: Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, during which they complained about the heat.


Jemjoop said...

Oh it does look like Narnia back there, he was right.

implexus said...

Haha it does look like Narnia, pretty pictures. It snowed here today by surprise, which I just discover 15 minutes ago. Its still dark right night, but hopefully it'll stick around for me to go outside.

Homeschool Mom said...

How incredibly beautiful!