Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy baking day!

Hello, I had a busy baking day yesterday, I was restocking my mini bakery stall, & once I had made a few sliced, unsliced loaves & got a bit bored after 2 french sticks, I thought I would have a go at some pitta breads.
I think I was inspired my our freezer, which, mainly due to my only activities last week being walking to & from school, making cards & playing with clay was empty except for one lonely pitta bread!

now you would think that upon discovering this, my first thought would be, oops I had better get myself down to tesco sharpish, but no it I have just thought how I can make wicked mini pitta breads!!!! so off I went down to Happy shed (because our house is called Happy house) to begin.....I got so carried away that I nearly forgot that I had to make my daughters hair like Gabriellas (high school musical) before we went to tea at Grandmas!

I made loads of them, and now I can fill some of them too, might need to open a sandwich bar alongside my market stalls!!!!! anyway, back to the shed, can feel an idea coming on for pizza, & I suppose Tesco beckons too!

Todays Happy thought: Creative minds are never tidy(or remember to do the shopping!)

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