Friday, January 8, 2010

New years resolutions!

Right this year I really really mean it......

1 Eat less ......yes I must, most important this one, this year I have had less will power after Christmas & still keep "finishing off" the last few dregs of goodies, I don't even enjoy them now it's not Christmas anymore, cos it just feels wrong!....and if I carry on at this rate I will be at least 25 stone by next Christmas!!

2 Drink more......water that is, I forget me & make sure the children have enough, when really I should have a glass at the same time!....going to get one now in fact!

....aaaah thats better, now where were we....oh yes number

3 spend less.....yes well, nuff said!

4 Sell more....I need to spend more time promoting my miniatures on Etsy & finding more outlets to sell.

5 Listen music, I really got out of the habit while the children were all small as we listened mainly to childrens stuff, wearing headphones were out of the question at any time in case I didn't hear them calling me, so now they are all at school, I can turn it up! (so long as I can still hear the phone in case school calls...hmmm)

6 Move more .....I will swim more, walk more & mmm might even get wii fit!

Best get on then....have lots to do!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Your list may need to become my list, too! I have been too busy to start one and yours looks good!