Saturday, January 24, 2009

And we have a winner......

Drum roll please.....the winner of the Five-a-day miniature fruit & veg box is....
Alice voted by myself & the children as the best idea for a busy table, which was a childrens Easter egg painting table!

Well done Alice!

I got some really good ideas, it seems craft tables were on everyones minds, will get cracking!

I couldn't sleep last night, so I was planning things in my head, I'm going to revamp my craft show display, at the moment it is blue themed, but I really want to go with a fresh soft green, & I want a velvet tablecloth as I feel that my cotton one gets tired looking very early on in the show.

This is my school fair table, when I don't get so long to set up! When I do a Guild show, I get a good (much needed) couple of hours & I love it!

I am also going to rethink my whole show technique, I already do everything all the advice forums suggest, not reading behind my stall, ( who would!) not asking if they need help, biting my tongue when someone tells their child how easily they could make it ..."i'll get you some plasticine..." etc...I love chatting to people about their dolls houses & I want my stall to make people want a dolls house!

I think as well as some busy craft tables, I'm going to try some period food, I've never been interested before, but I live in a very old part of the world, so I'm going to research that, local people here are trying to get the council to hold a medieval fair in Bradford street, which so looks the part.....which would be fantastic!

Back soon, with more ideas, they are bubbling away.........

Todays happy thought: Art is running away without leaving home!

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Anonymous said...

once again thankyou all so much for choosing my idea! i cant WAIT to recieve the veg basket - it's amazing :D

my address is:

2 windmill way,
allery banks,
NE61 1XQ