Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good morning, I thought I'd post while I was having my cup of tea & hot cross bun, as I actually feel rather guilty for having the hot cross bun as I'm supposed to be cutting down & usually I just get home, have a cup of tea & start working, however, not only were the packets calling out to me in Tesco..."buy me, get one free" but I thought I deserved a little something's what I told myself.....

1.We (the little one & I) have a long, sometimes cold 40 min walk to school, then another cold 40 min walk back, (she has a hot chocolate when we get home if she wants one) then again in the afternoon.

2.I could drive, but I'm trying to do my bit for the environment & do the healthy option for the children, which I think they will appreciate when they're older!

3. I have three very untidy bedrooms to tackle.

4.The pile of ironing is begging to be done & it is now too big to hide anywhere so I will have to do it.

5 I don't get days off (sick or otherwise)

So what do you think, justified, too late now as it's gone!

Todays happy thought: I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter!

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Expressions By Devin said...

You gave up chocolate!!!I couldnt not stand it i love the stuff .Any ways those hot cross buns look yummy.You have a wonderful Blog and etsy shop.thansk for sharing it with me