Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All about a burial & scrapbooking!

Well, the poor little guppy didn't make it I'm afraid, the stress of miscarrying was too much for the litle mite too bear, sadly during the night she died. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides to keeping fish, they do suffer stress (never really understood that) & aren't expected to have a very long lifespan, I have explained this to the children & they understand...fish is now buried in our garden, not too far from the baby snake we found the summer before last!

There is another expectant guppy in the tank, so hopefully all will be well, I will keep an eye out!

So, I haven't mentioned yet that tomorrow I am going to a scrapbooking party at my friends down the road, I have to take six photos with me that share a common theme! I can't decide what to do...I'm thinking it might be something to do with our garden, as most of our photos are taken there!
I thought that as I don't scrapbook, I would love to, and have made one as a present a few years back, I would frame the page that I make tomorrow night.

Since I've been invited to the scrapbook party,I've been thinking about listing some of my scrapbook & card embellishments on Etsy, they usually sell well at craft fairs, so I'll give it a go!

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jo said...

Hi Sam, found you! Jo here... I'm so glad to see that you have also become hooked with blogging. I love my site http://www.josweb.co.uk
Your mini work is just soooo good! I'm really happy to see that you are still doing it! Are you getting much out of the guild? I was thinking of offering my services as a web designer, say maybe giving a 10% discount to Guild members - what do you think? Oh well hope to speak to you soon, bye for now