Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Can you believe this, I decided it was again time to sort out the shed, there's no room to work in there, just store my stuff & I decided that as I would like to work in there over the summer, I needed to sort it out, ....so after an hour or so I noticed that my two miniature chocolate logs were broken, then I looked closer & saw that they weren't broken, they were missing from their little silver cake boards & crumbled everywhere .....then I noticed that the turkish delight box was empty.....then I saw them....mouse droppings...yuk, I was outta there faster than a speeding bullett I don't mind telling you!

I can't understand why they ate them though, the chocolate cakes had scent in them so maybe that's why, & I suppose the turkish delight was soft, -everything is now sealed in boxes & I will be moving out of happy shed & renovating it,(sealing all holes!) should be fun as I will be doing it on my own & haven't got a clue how to even work out what I need, will keep you posted!

I don't like mice or rats, I know they are in the garden & there they can stay & I wouldn't hurt them, but come into my house, shed, garage or anywhere else I deem a human only zone, it's up to them if they want to take their chances!

Hopefully it tasted so bad it won't come back!


Christine Burgess said...

OMG the little rascals.
You have a very nice blog,BTW.

Anonymous said...

LOL You didn't realize how realistic your creations were. You even had the mice thinking they were real. I would suggest you use the stackable clear tote boxes or storage containers in there to organize all your things. It will keep critters out and you can see the contents easily. I use the drawer types in my room.

lottie said...

You have lots of lovely shelving, which I don't have.

I live in a little bungalow so having the craft shed against (grumpy old man's wishes) was the best solution for me. It is in a gap which wasn't any good for growing veggies - the rabbits kept eating them. So now I have an allotment so the rabbits, dear, mice, rats, pheasants and other birds eat everything! http://kooringa.com/

I do love it in my shed, except when it is raining or snowing and I am 'marooned' out there LOL

Off to read more of your older posts - and yes - as Doreen mentioned - plastic boxes with lids help. - and mouse traps!

MiniKat said...

EEK! Cheeky little things. I agree with Doreen's idea about clear plastic containers.

Sam said...

Thanks for your comments & help! Lottie-funny how the men aren't keen on us girls having a shed!!!!