Friday, May 8, 2009

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeuw !

Ok, thought I'd start with a prettier aspect of our garden before moving on to (not so) Happy shed.... I love the tulips Mr H planted..... so officially, emptying the shed is the start of the makeover, I had to be really brave & empty the cupboard that I have always been too scared to put my hand into knowing there was a whopping spider in there, so big it had boots on!

Anyway, there I was tipping things out, trying to ignore the cobwebs wondering why there was all bits of corn/wheat stuff laying around, then I found...a neat little nest in the corner...of a mouse nature...this whole episode is really testing my dedication to my craft, I must really want to do this to put up with this intrusion of my space. Now I need to continue with the emptying...but I'm too scared to look in the basket in the corner, irrational I know because before I found the mouse droppings last week, I had no problem with getting the basket down but now, no way!.....will keep you posted, we will be cracking on with it tomorrow!

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