Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has sprng....

...& it seems to have sprung away again! I'm sorry, but one minute it's almost summer like & the children are coming in to change into shorts,then it rains & goes backwards again & out come the coats...I took a photo of these daffodils fearful that they might shrink back in again.......!

I haven't posted for ages, sorry, but I have had a lot to do, we have had family birthdays, of course that means cake baking & we're nearing the end of school holidays, also, what with Easter egg hunting (& eating) there's not been much time for anything else! Here's my cake creations!

The spy cake was for my sons 8th birthday & the allotment was for my sister in law...I love making cakes & tend to get rather carried away with them! It's my younger daughters at the end of the month, I think it has to be pink & princessy!

Todays happy thought:It's me, or the house, we can't both look good!

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Anonymous said...

Your cakes show great originality. Great job.