Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post christmas blues...

Well, that was over quick wasn't it? all that preparation, shopping, wrapping, running out of paper, sellotape-time...one thing we certainly won't be running out of until about Easter, is biscuits, for some reason we managed to rather over-estimate the quantity of packets of happy faces & hob nobs!!!!
I have been feeling rotten now for about 5 days, I feel fluey, achy & very tired, I thought I would sit & blog while I am waiting for the Medised to kick in...(yes I know it's for the children, but it happens to work wonders on me!)
We went to the panto today, Cinderella, it was fantastic, the two girls loved it, think the story was a bit girly for my seven year old boy,.....too much kissing in it!!
We have got a lot going on next year in the way of shows & stuff, Oliver in February, a generous gift from my auntie, I am taking my eldest to see Girls Aloud in May half term and in July, Take That at Wembley....as you will see I have added the countdown to my blog !!!!!!!


Ali said...

LOL, I'm laughing at your overestimating the goodies!! We overestimated the Snowballs (sweets not drink ;-)) the Cadbury Roses and the Extremely Chocolatey Caramels from Marks & Spencers. There is going to have to be serious discipline in this house before ..... JULY 13th BECAUSE I AM GOING TO SEE TAKE THAT IN DUBLIN TOO!!!! rofloL. Do you hope Robbie is going to take part? I have to say I could take or leave him, I think they are doing great on their own. No hype and no bad press, IYKWIM.

Sam said...

The overestimating wasn't entirely our fault, we were bought a tin & a few boxes of biscuits, we bought extra tins as well because...well...I liked the look of the tins, to store my clay in!!
I am so excited about Take That, I am a fan from a long time ago, I have to say, as nice as it would be to have Robbie back, I think it would end up splitting them up again, I like it as it is!!
Are sbowballs the marshmallow/chocolate/coconut cakes, I used to love them, my Nan used to get them! Mmmm good job I forgot about them then!!