Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to ...er...eat cake!

It was my daughters 10th birthday on Sunday, she likes Jaws, a lot, so Saturday night, I get out my pencil to make her a card! could I find a picture of a shark anywhere in the house???? no, despite having several books on them, ...so I had to seriously use my imagination & got the toy Great white shark from the bath & sat there with it in my left hand to keep it at the right angle I wanted to draw it!!
Earlier in the day I discovered that there was nowhere local to get sugarpaste from, I had decided to use this rather than marzipan, to get the shark colour right for the cake! I had a little bit of black & white that my sister-in-law had given me earlier in the week to use up, but it wasn't quite enough, so again I had to improvise....I mixed up a little icing sugar with warm water & made a kind of "sugarclay" I added this to what I already had & got a lovely deep grey, perfect!
I then despatched my son to get me a victim (I have to say, 10 yrs ago, I thought I would be forever making pink, fluffy stuff for birthdays!) he came back with a german soldier from Indiana Jones lego, ...with no hair, I asked if there was anything more suitable, that might pass for a swimmer, surfer or just someone who wouldn't look out of place on a boat or beach?....I was told no, I did insist on him finding some hair though, so he came back with obi-wan-kenobis hair????!!!! anyway, it didn't really matter as his legs were going to be eaten & his body pushed deep into theblood soaked water...mmmm lovely!!!!
I was quite pleased with the result as it was a very improvised cake, & she loved it!!

Todays happy thought;To have a friend, you have to be one.

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