Friday, August 8, 2008

rainy dayWe got the much needed rain for our garden, not sure whether it's too late to rescue our rather measly potato crop, but it's got to help! I know we've been saying for weeks that we need some rain for the garden, but I didn't mean when I was a mile from home, wearing a denim dress (very heavy when wet!)sandals & no raincoat!I was slipping all over the place & trying to push the buggy up the hill!!!
Anyway at least I got some long overdue jobs done, repaired some clothes, de-cluttered magazines & papers & spent most of yesterday on ebay listing some outgrown bits & pieces...not easy as it's hard to guess postage for larger items now & I don't really want to be trudging up the town to weigh them, then bring them back!!!!!
I really feel like making some more miniatures soon, have got loads of ideas buzzing round, mostly garden inspired, have got some wedding stationery to make first though for my friend Hayley....hard to get wedding inspired on such a dreary day though, going swimming later, maybe that will clear my head!!!!!

Todays happy thought: I always seem to have too much week left at the end of my money!

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