Sunday, August 17, 2008

Etsy &Tropical wings!

Last week we went to a place called Tropical wings, to see some butterflies, the children, especially the youngest was very excited, so off we went...nearly got lost, as I only vaguely remembered the way to South Woodham Ferrers from the visit to the farm there 2 yrs ago.
So we get there, go into the butterfly house, which is hot! lots of lovely butterflies all around, my two youngest walk around holding their noses (there was a funny humidity related smell) & looking for the exit!

that was worth it then!
Also, (complete change of subject)I have opened an Etsy shop, Etsy is where you can only buy or sell handmade items, it's quite different to what I'm used to, as everything has to be listed in US dollars, postage included! but have a look, I've only managed to get 3 items on there at the moment, but I will get more on by the rest of the week!
I Took The Handmade Pledge!
More miniatures soon!!

Todays happy thought:-A friendly smile makes life worthwhile!


AlexMcG said...

How do we find you on Etsy?

Sam said...

Hi, didn't think of that! Etsy name mamasclay.