Friday, February 26, 2010

New neighbours!

We have new neighbours, well kind of, my daughters dolls house has had people finally move in!
Their home is nowhere near finished, but it is habitable, with all the necessary facilities & a few home comforts you can see, Dad has settled down with a cuppa, while he chats on the phone, I wonder who he is talking to?
The daughter is chilling out in her room, reading witha healthy snack by her side....naughty naughty though, no plate tut tut.....!
Mum is somewhere around, cleaning probably, we can meet her another time!

Don't forget now, I'm hosting a giveaway............

All you have to do is visit my
Etsy shop & tell me what your favourite item is in there, then tell me what your ideal Mothers day gift would be, it can be as extravagant & selfish as you like or as plain & simple ☼
So, visit, fave item, fantasy present-that's it, you have got until noon on Saturday 6th March, then the winner will be put into a hat & randomly drawn out by my children ♥

Todays happy thought;
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!


Alex said...

Mummy is probably on the computer not having her go at Scrabble :-)

Kristen said...

My favorite item from your shop would have to be the miniature peeled satsuma. It looks so real and good to eat! :)

I am not a mother yet, but my ideal mother's day gift to my mom would be making breakfast in bed for my mom and make sure she had a relaxing day and not having to do anything around the house.

My latest obsession said...

check it out :)