Friday, February 19, 2010

Brand new giveaway!

Yes it's very nearly Mothers day again & I've decided to hold another giveaway as I haven't done one for ages!
The winner will recieve a miniature Mothers day gift wrapped basket, a cute little addition to your dolls house, or for Mums who love little things ♥

All you have to do is visit my Etsy shop & tell me what your favourite item is in there, then tell me what your ideal Mothers day gift would be, it can be as extravagant & selfish as you like or as plain & simple ☼

So, visit, fave item, fantasy present-that's it, you have got until noon on Saturday 6th March, then the winner will be put into a hat & randomly drawn out by my children ♥

Good luck, can't wait to hear them !!!

Todays happy thought ; A mother holds her childrens hands for a short while, but she holds their hearts forever!


Julie said...

I love your shop! This is my fav:

A perfect Mother's Day for me would be to go hiking with my family :)


TINK - SONIA said...

Sam, you have true wonders in your Etsy shop,
I love your work and believe that your work tables
are spectacular with so many wonderful details.
A warm greeting from Spain, Sonia.

Jo Raines said...

I love your miniature sliced bread, id #16652814. So realistic and delicious looking. My favorite Mother's Day gift would be the cockerel spill vase by Valerie Casson of France, but I won't tell my family that as I wouldn't want to ask for anything directly! But I really 'need' that for my dream log cabin in miniature that DH is building me! LOL!


Karin F. said...

My favorite from your store is the peeled satsuma. It's so realistic!

My favorite Mothers Day gift would be just to have my kids and grandkids with me.

hugs Karin

Morgan said...

Great giveaway! I love your mini chocolate boxes and your sayings! Keep up the good work!

Almost Precious said...

Lovely blog, don't look now you're being followe. :)
I adore these
they look so real I can almost taste them.

My perfect Mother's Day gift would be to have my mother back again, even if it were for just one day. But I know that is impossible, so I guess I'd just like to be close enough on Mother's Day to grace her gravesite with her favorite flowers...Roses.

permanentcloud said...

the custom cake toppers are precious! wish i had one when i got married!

a perfect mothers day would for me would be no work and no cleaning...just relaxing. maybe some chocolates :)


permanentcloud said...

oh, my etsy name is twasthebrillig79 :)