Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am blogging as I squish clay, I love squishing clay it's so relaxing, at the moment I am squishing a rather lovely green to make seedlings with, as I have run out of my miniature seedling trays! It's nearly spring & I suppose our little people in the dollshouse are growing their greens, they will be wanting all manner of greenhouse goodies too I expect, plants, pots, seeds, growbags (need to make more of those too).....

I have been rather busy with the clay recently, I made some juicy little satsumas, which I love so much, they are popular too, which means I get to make some more ♥

back in a moment..................................................................

.........there, children in bed, little green seedlings cooking , cup of tea & a ferrrero rocher (which I got for my birthday yesterday)...musn't forget about the seedlings cooking though :)

I think that I must have a spring clean in Happy shed tomorrow as It's been getting cluttered over the winter months, it's only because I tend to chuck things in to "put away later" as it's too cold to hang around in, it's not too bad though, I did spend an hour a few weeks ago, tidying up a little, in between snow showers that is...which I am fed up with now by the way! I know we here in England get laughable amounts compared to my fellow crafters in the US, but our authorities just don't prepare for it, so things grind to a halt.....schools close (don't mind that really) deliveries stop (health & safety) roads & pavements become treacherous ( no money for grit !!! really) & any plans you might have for going anywhere, well, don't even think about it!

anyway, back to the shed, (moan over) I want to get it so I can work in it once spring is here, now that all my children are at school all day, I can get some serious squishing time ☺

Todays happy thought: A smile is a curve that sets things straight ☺


Pan said...

Those satsumas look good enough to eat!

Jo Raines said...

I am also trying to tidy up my basement work areas! At least we have spring on our minds as it pertains to cleaning although for us here in Upstate, SC, it's still in the 20's at night! Brrrrr. Will this winter ever end?!


Babamoon said...

wow those satsumas are really cool! i love the coconuts too in your other post :) you're great at making minuture food!