Friday, March 12, 2010

Things I hate about swimming & the giveaway winner!!

First things first, I've been having a bit of bother getting this posted this week, so finally.......

The winner is ......... Peach Blossom hill

Thanks for all your entries!

Right, swimming, ...I love swimming, since all three of my children are now full time at school, I've been able to go swimming once or twice a week, depending on whether I am on the forest trip with reception or not.

I started off giving myself an hour, swimming at least 60 lengths in that time, I now swim 64 lengths (a mile) in about 45 mins, I am trying to better that every week!

Why then must people insist, when a pool is busy, on doing backstroke, head down, "everyone can just move out of my way" front crawl, or worse, side by side, chat while we swim kind of swimming aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, how inconsiderate can you get?-if the pools empty, fine, thrash about, swim diagonally or dawdle all you like, but if it says swim clockwise, please do so!

There, rant over, I can enjoy the rest of my weekend!!!

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