Monday, October 27, 2008


Yay...the problem is solved, fingers crossed, there was a problem with the server, so hopefully now all is well, I can get back to posting pics & updating my website!

As you can see, I finished the spell book commission, I am now working on a commissioned piece for Etsy, I also have Halloween in mind, we are having a childrens party here on Friday, to play & cook some halloweeny, scary stuff, my eldest also wants to go ghost hunting somewhere, so I have to find somewhere suitably spooky for her, but not somewhere that I am going to be scared witless!!! (bearing in mind I get spooked walking back from town when it gets a little bit dark at 5 o clock!)

We will play duck appple, not something they have played before, we have always done the apple tied on string one, less water, less mess, but I thought we could play this in the you can see, the dolls house is playing too!

Todays happy thought:A babys smile makes life worthwhile

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