Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thoughts of christmas.....

Well, I have got quite a few pics to post of some creations I have created, but once again, I can't view my blog or website....again, any other website but my own, annoying, as I am trying to update the website, I so need a new pc, ours is archaic. So as my children have been writing their christmas lists this week, I thought I would write my wishlist, bearing in mind that this is written as a fantasy list as absolutely none of it is a necessity!

A brand spanking new top of the range pc
One of those craft working tables with a big light & magnifier attached
A room to put the above in
Anything lushy!
A big telescope to look at the stars with, even better, the planets!
A really brilliant holiday for the children
Free unlimited access to a swimming pool
Loads of polymer clay
More polymer clay

Thats it for now, but I'm sure I will think of more in time!

Ok have thought of some more...the new Take That cd, special edition
The decorating fairy to do the house up.

Sam x

Todays happy thought:A real friend is one who walks in when everyone else walks out!

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AlexMcG said...

"Anything lushy!"

I don't even know what this means.