Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Claying not cleaning!

Busy baking table
Well, I have been very busy, I should have been getting on with the housework, but I needed to get some clay work done, I started on the comissioned work I have been asked to do, lots of spell books!

but I need to take a break to get the house in order, well as in order as my house is ever in!

I did get some baking done though, apple & blackberry crumble, with the fruit from the garden, it was delicious! of course I had to recreate in in 12th scale & yes thats how messy things get, I'm no tidy cook, although it looks a better mess on a cute little table than it does in our little old kitchen on the worktop!! I also made a little kitchen table with christmas baking on, the idea behind these little tables, are that they might make a nice present for the cook (or recipe taster) in the family, with their favourite recipes created in miniature.

Cleaning tomorrow, then more fun!

Todays happy thought-Don't be so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life!

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