Sunday, September 4, 2011


I know I was going to tell you about the fairy tea but last week I had my first wasp sting, I was setting the table indoors, with bare feet when I thought I had stood on a pin, just for a nano second that is, as then the real pain started to kick in! I had squashed a wasp, squeezing out the stinger from the wasps body, deep into my middle toe....oh the pain, who knew it would hurt so much? I couldn't bear to look at my toe, I thought if I did I would certainly pass out and I was trying (but failing massively) to be brave in front of my six year old:(

Mr H looked at it and it was still pumping poison into me, I waited while he took it out expecting the pain to at least lessen after doing so, but no, two co-codamols and one Ibuprofen an extra Benadryl and wasp sting cream later and the pain was still the same!

After half an hour I started to look this up online, as I was sure that this was lasting too long, but no, it was normal, whats more,apparently, fatalities usually occur within the hour, "hmmmmm" I thought, not what you want to read when experiencing the most pain you have ever felt (And I have had three children by the way)

Five days later (yes five) and the pain stopped, although each day it hurt less.

I now know why on picnics, some people flap around and run away at the mere sight of a wasp, they must too have been barefoot once:)

Fairy tea party next, promise:)

Todays happy thought: Smiling is infectious,
you can catch it like the flu,
when someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too:)

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