Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to school!

No, I know the holidays have just started, I'm talking about me! yes, I have been spending the last few months applying and preparing to go to Art college! I have decided that I want to get my Art degree:)

I'm soooo both excited and bit scared, as it's a massive change to me after being my own boss at home for the last nearly thirteen years and it's going to be a challenge fitting it all in around school runs and children stuff-but one that I'm looking forward to!

So, I haven't had time to make any miniatures for a while, what with trying to get a place at college and.... since my last post what has occured?-a rather splendid royal wedding, our fairy tea party (next post), a totally amazing Take That at Wembley, a trip to the X Factor auditions, a school fete, other school fundraising stuff (including a very successful trip to see JLS and Olly Murs at Hylands park) and so much more but I'm getting withdrawal symptoms and might have to shut myself in Happy shed some time soon..........before september...eeek!:0)

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Maggie Flatley said...

Best of luck for your exciting adventure of going to Art School. The Royal Wedding was bitter-sweet. Beautiful, but a reminder of Diana and the loss of an outstanding human being.