Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art gallery visits

This week, my friend & I decided to visit some Art galleries. The original plan was to go to London, but as the fares were ridiculously expensive (something I will never understand, if those in power want us to be "green" & use public transport, why make it cheaper to go in the car??!) we decided to stick with Essex, which turned out to be well worth it!

Dunmow is a lovely little town, with a kind of holiday feel to it, maybe that was due to the lovely weather, but it was a very friendly place.

We headed out to Dunmow & found the Aubrey Art Gallery , some lovely huge works of art, I loved (if I had to choose) The Beach by Gordon Crossley & Summer Breeze by Elsie Bouffler, I am always drawn to the delicate watercolours, take a look at the website to see more:)

We then visited The Gallery on the park which was a tiny little place & was more like a working gallery, we bought some cards by Artist Simon Drew, they were very unusual & funny, never seen anything like it before-definitely worth a visit!

Finally we drove out through the lovely countryside to The Lindsell Art Gallery which was amazing-here there were Art & craft exhibits, life drawing classes & many artist including fellow Guild of Essex craftsmen member, James Merriott whose paintings are amazing-please take a look at the website & visit if possible, I suddenly feel all inspired to take up glass painting again! ♥

Todays happy thought: It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.

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