Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fairy tea time

So I said I would post about the fairy tea party we held for my six year old daughters birthday so here it is!
Being on a bit of a tight budget, it was all to be created at home, nothing bought in, plus, I like creating a party for her that no one has been to so I set about drawing like crazy and prayed for good weather!

First the decorations, I drew some fairies and coloured them in with pencils, you won't understand how much I enjoyed this♥ ........I cut them out and laminated them-beautiful, I also scanned them in and "miniaturised" them to make a "find the fairy" game, I hid them all round the garden.

I made the going home gifts, a fairy wand, using polymer clay stars and a painted wooden handle, bedazzled with glitter and finished off with a ribbon:)

The activity we did during the party was making fairy headbands, these are relatively easy to make and were very popular this summer in high st shops, quite costly too but much prettier to make yourself with florist wire, green paper & some flowers from the craft shops:)

The weather held out and a fab fairy day was had by all:)

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