Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The witch in me.....

I was well & truly inspired to create by all the spooky goings onconjuring up thoughts of enchantments & hocus pocus....I thought of a student Merlin (which we all love to watch together) trying out spells, making notes of collecting ingredients from the woods & spreading this all out on the table to practice!

I made up the spells in the large leather spell book, if you have very good eyes, you can just about read them, if not, you can use a magnifying glass, I haven't tried them as I am actually not a witch, although witchcraft has always fascinated me (in a good way, I don't have dark, evil tendencies or anything!) I just love all the ideas of potions & magic & the idea of making anything possible,....for the same reasons Idon't ever want to stop believing in fairies!!!!!

I suppose now I will have to make an entire apprentices workshop! like I don't have anything else to do!!

Todays happy thought: Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!

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