Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sorry I disappeared off the face of the blog for a few days, you're not going to believe it, but while walking from one room to another, I managed to break my little toe, it's hazardous you know this stay at home mum lark, there's no health & safety officers here you know, risk assessing my day before I go ahead , dodging hazards, such as...erm,...the whopping big settee thats right where it always is! ...ok so I wasn't looking where I was going, I was trying to talk to the litle one, see if the laptop was doing what it was meant to (still hasn't three days later by the way) & put ironing away...I must get the hang of multi-tasking, sometimes it gets the better of me!
Anyway, the fireplaces are done, I'm quite pleased with them, they look much better in real life though, I took masses of pics, all in different places, but not really happy with any of them, I am doing a show tomorrow at school, I will take some more there see if they are any better.Today I am going to be working on my Etsy orders, & also working out some special offers for December, I love christmas, especially Christmas claying!!!!
Back soon, providing I have no more domestic injuries, I have bedroom tidying to do soon, and you never know what hazards are luking in there, maybe us mums do need a health & safety asssessment after all!!

Sam x

Todays happy thought: Only dull women have immaculate houses!

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