Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring cleaning!

I've been so busy sorting out, cleaning up, throwing out, I don't know where the weeks are disappearing to! I fel like I am drowning in piles of (organized) chaos. I have got piles of boot sale stuff sorted but absolutely no time to do a boot sale & don't even mention the ironing!

I wish that I didn't mind not having ironed stuff, then I could just fold it up & put it away & forget it, but I can't, I feel like thats cheating, perhaps if I make that the major job for today, then I'll feel better....but then I have got an Indiana Jones cake to plan & an Indiana Jones treasure hunt for Saturday, (my sons 7th birthday) & wrapping presents & making a card so how can I waste time on ironing-perhaps I'll have to cheat this week, just a bit!

Happy shed is, well , it's been so cold over the last few weeks (remember I don't have heat, electricity or even much light in there) my craft stuff, paints, boxes, pots etc have just been put in there, anywhere they fit, rather than me staying in there to find a space for it, I bought a dolls house too so that takes up a big chunk of the small space there is-so it is in dire need of a spring tidy (cleaned it not too long ago) before I can work in it again!

we loved the snow at Easter, my 2yr old didn't know where to look-chocolate, snow,chocolate, snow.......I can't remember when there was enough for them to build a snowman!

you have to be quick though, to take a photo before it starts to melt, it used to stay there for weeks, you actually used to have time to start getting fed up with the snow!

No crafting for a bit then, except for birthday stuff-chaos to sort out first!

Todays happy thought; cleaning the house while the kids are still growing, is like clearing the snow while it is still snowing!

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