Friday, April 11, 2008

cake success.

Miniature seedlings & seed packets, a present for my sister-in-law, for her miniature greenhouse.

Well the cake was good, seeing as I didn't know what I was going to do it like right up until the icing was going on! the lego snakes didn't arrive in time so I had to make them out of marzipan, & I was pleased with how they turned out!
It was a very indiana Jones themed day, with a hunt for treasure in the garden first, then lots of indiana Jones lego to put together (daddys job, not mine).

As for putting the clay away for a bit, well, I've just opened an ebay shop as things are going well on ebay, so I have been making some more delicious minis. I have made some bagels, eggs in boxes, & boiled egg & soldiers mmmmmmmm! I have also started on the miniature greenhouse! will be adding those soon, then I have a new caketopper to start work on, so it looks like the spring cleaning (including the ever present ironing) will have to wait a bit longer!

Todays Happy thought; apparently, you can never have too much lego!-Harry age 7yrs 6 days

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