Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The End of another year!

So here I sit, eating chocolates & feeling about 40 stone! I can't believe another whole year has gone by! I managed somehow to set up Itsy Britsy, goodness knows how, I was so ill, before that & following that, my children were ill-Christmas came & went without hitches thankfully!

Here is some pictures from the exhibition which is still on display in Braintree Library Dome Gallery!

The Sixties teenagers bedroom was great fun, being from Liverpool, sixties music has always been prominent in my life! I loved making the little HMV record player & all the 45"vinyl singles & the LP'S The posters on the wall of course are the Beatles & a little piece of my own family history!

The Knights table was great fun to do, it would have been better if I hadn't been recovering from being so ill, the mosaic was very theraputic work & of course Camelot wouldn't be complete without the dragon & merlins work table!

The Tudor banquet was fun too, I learned more about the Tudors during this project than I ever did at school, couldn't find much about their cheese though!!

The traditional sweet stall, my family enjoyed my research for this, the live studying part that is!

Happy New Year everyone !!

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