Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fit for a king

Tomorrow I start working on my Tudor banquet, (hmmmm I wonder where I,m going to get a pigs head from) I can't wait, I really want to start now, not a good idea though or I will never get to bed!
I,ve been sitting planning what I'm going to make for weeks, I can't find what sort of cheese they had in Tudor times though-I can see pictures of banquets with cheese on plates, but nowhere that tells me what I can model my work on!

Tudor times is my favourite time in history, not that I would have liked to have lived through it mind you, he was far too free & easy with his axe! During the summer holidays, we took our children to the Tower of London & I was amazed that we could stand in the very spot where Ann Boleyn was executed, all that history preserved like it wasn't so long ago !

So this is a very exciting project for me, must get some sleep so I can make an early start :)


jo said...

hi Sam,
seems that they did have Cheddar but no babybel's or cheese strings! :)

Sam said...

Thanks Jo, I'll bet if there were cheese strings, old Henry would have eaten them though!! :)

Matthew Celestine said...

Good subject, though I find the Stuart period even more interesting.