Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer holidays at last ☼

I know, I know, I've been too busy to blog-the school fete just about took over my life, I have been in mini-making withdrawal!
Now the holidays are here we have arranged a few days out, but on those "chill out days" I have to start preparing for my exhibition, it's not until November but, you know that as soon as the summer holidays are over, Christmas just happens, so I want to get it all sorted out before September, because then school starts again & so does all the work for the fundraising!

Soooo-the title of the exhibition is Itsy Britsy & it is all work based on our good old British traditions & work has started on the garden fete already!

I will keep you posted as my work continues (I promise) :)

Todays happy thought; Look before you leap. But if you are going to leap, don't look too long!

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