Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fruity freebies!

I've been rather industrious for the last few weeks, as well as organising my daughters 5th birthday party, stripping down the miniature shop for my tea room & organising the school fĂȘte I have had the mini making bug!

I had bought some juice drinks for my little girls birthday party & noticed that the tops were just the right size for miniature fruit bowls, so I packed them up out of my little stock of little fruit & don't they look cute? I also made a fruit bowl similar to some I saw while on holiday on Portugal last year.
Anyway, to celebrate my fruity frenzy, I have decided to give one of my bottle top bowls of fruit away with any orders from my Etsy shop over $15 until I run out of them!

Actually, the birthday party inspired me a lot, I made lots of cupcakes instead of a birthday cake & like many artists, I am extremely untidy in whatever I am creating be it clay or cooking, so there was clouds of icing sugar & splashes of buttercream of course I am making a busy baking table of cupcake decorating, pictures when I'm finished, here's a tray of cupcakes to start with.....

And if those greedy little people in the dolls house are still hungry, there's always a bag of crisps!

Todays happy thought: If you change the way you see a problem, the problem you see will change!

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Jo Raines said...

What clever little bowls! Funny how we can look at ordinary things and have that aha moment! Good luck with lots of sale sand fruity giveaway's! I am also finally doing a giveaway so pop over if you have time!