Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giveaway winner!

Hello, do you like the banner for the school fete, Shelly, (my Artist friend ) & I painted it yesterday morning at school!

Thanks for entering those of you who did, the winner picked last night at random by my family is .........


Congraulations! I think my next giveaway will be holiday themed, to celebrate my very exciting upcoming holiday!!

I have been very busy this week, I think I'm burning myself out a bit, today, I can feel all the things I need to do & all the things I want to do buzzing round in my head, & all my body wants to do is have a duvet day!, here's the things I need to do...

☺Iron (yawn)
☺put already ironed stuff away (er...where exactly?)
☺tidy everywhere...can you see where I'm going with this....?

now, things I want to do...

♥make some little clay barbeque goodies
♥clay some more
♥paint the rest of the banners for the school fete..
♥restore my fairy picture

Now the thing is, I can't do the want list until I've done the need list, what can I do .........I think I'll walk to school, get some fresh air, hopefully the rain will keep off, when I get home, storm through the need list, then maybe tomorrow can be a play/clay day!

Todays happy thought; Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

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Jo Raines said...

Congratulations, Elsie! Lucky gal.

I know how it is to have the Big Want To Do List but there is always for me the big Have To Do list as well--clean, pick and rinse vegetables, weed, wash, fold, cook, etc. I need to also organize and clean out my basement sewing and crafting areas and get them straightened out so I can work with less clutter and extraneous things around. Sigh! Never ends!

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